Harm de Vries

Co-Founder and General Partner
Innovation Industries

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Harm de Vries is a partner and co-founder of Innovation Industries. Harm started his career as an attorney in Amsterdam and as corporate counsel at the renowned life sciences investment firm, Life Sciences Partners (LSP). He worked with LSP’s co-founder, Tom Schwarz to launch and manage the Erasmus MC Biomedical Fund. Later on, Harm co-founded and managed two other early-stage VC funds: the Life Sciences Fund Amsterdam and the Twente Technology Fund. In 2017, Harm co-founded Innovation Industries alongside partners Nard Sintenie, Chris Sonnenberg and Tom Schwarz. In 2005, Harm authored the guidebook ‘Venture Capital Term Sheets’ (publ. by Reed Elsevier) to advance the VC sector in Europe and the Netherlands. In 2016, he followed up the piece with the full-length book ‘Venture Capital Deal Terms’ to give a clear understanding of the most frequently used practices, terms and conditions to those with less than extensive experience in venture capital transactions (including start-up companies and founders). He serves on the board of several technology companies. He is a member of the Technology Transfer Board at TNO and of the VC Committee of the Dutch Venture Capital Association. Harm holds a Master’s Degree in Business Law from Erasmus University Rotterdam.