Susana de Antonio

Euronext Spain

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With a degree in Business Management and Administration from Cunef, Susana began her professional career at Netjuice, an incubator for internet companies, as an investment analyst in 2000.
After one year, Susana joined Vista Capital, where she worked for more than seven years until 2008. Her experience in investment analysis and execution led her to make the leap to L Capital, where she served as investment director for eight years. In 2016, the possibility arose of combining the field of financing, with a focus on technology, and that entrepreneurial component linked to opening, from scratch, the office of Euronext in Spain.
Euronext is the leading pan-European market, operating in Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Brussels, Lisbon, Dublin and Oslo. One of Euronext strategic pillars is to consolidate as the reference market for European technology companies.