Summit Day

Welcome to FCSM2021
14:30  to  14:45

Welcome to the first edition of Facing Challenges Summit Madrid 2021. Program host: Susana Roza.

Why FCSM2021
14:45  to  14:50

Introduction to the summit by Almudena Trigo, founder and chairwoman of BeAble Capital. Why an event like this is necessary

Institutional Partner Welcome
14:50  to  14:55

María Peña, CEO of ICEX, welcomes you to the summit


Opening Speech
14:55  to  15:00

Opening talk by Spain's Minister of Science and Innovation, Mr. Pedro Duque

Science Equity: a new asset class
15:00  to  15:40

Discussion panel with Stefano Peroncini, CEO of EUREKA! Venture SGR (Italy); Mauro Yovane, Principal at AXON Partners Group (Spain); and Caaj Greebe, General Partner of Innovation Industries (Netherlands).

Science Equity industry overview
15:40  to  16:10

Data and overview by David Dana, Head of VC Investments of EIF (European Investment Fund)

Enhancing Deep Science investment
16:10  to  16:40

Discussion board: Laura González-Estéfani (European Innovation Council) and Susana de Antonio (Euronext Director).

16:40  to  16:50

Short break

Success story: Cellink
16:50  to  17:10

Alex von Frankenberg, Managing Director of HTGF, interviews Erik Gatenholm, Co-Founder & CEO of Cellink (first Science Equity unicorn). An inspiring and successful story.

Science Equity impact
17:10  to  17:30

Interview with Isidro Laso, cabinet Expert at Commissioner Gabriel for Innovation, Research, Education, Culture and Youth. European Commission. A talk about Science Equity investment with a two-fold mission: profitability and a positive impact.  

Science Equity Global Trends
17:30  to  18:00

Mack Kolarich, Chief Product Officer of Different Funds, talks to us about Science Equity investment trends. 

18:00  to  18:10

Data presentation by BeAble Capital

18:10  to  18:15

We hope to see you again in 2022!

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